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PresentAll Web Conferencing

PresentAll is a browser-based

web conferencing software

that allows anyone to meet online effortlessly and affordably. Any professional can benefit from the increased productivity and convenience of

collaborating via webcasts, telepresence, webinars, streaming conferences, online courses

using PresentAll. Holding an

online business meeting or international conference

has never been this easy.

Are you tired of traveling long distances to hold meetings or sales trainings? Would you like to save the travel expense and time spent sitting in traffic? Your answer is here: PresentAll is ready to help with all of your online training needs with integrated web conferencing service.

PresentAll offers easy to use

online meetings or online training

. Our browser-based software comes with a

presentation board, live streaming video, whiteboarding

, chat, sharing via webinars, and web conferencing that's easy and affordable to use for those that don't have the ability to utilize various telepresence locations. Multiple videos allows for

virtual meetings and face to face collaboration.

This allows you to hold meetings one on one or hold a group meeting online with unlimited participants. Our web conferencing software will help with online training, and online learning to help you and your staff increase productivity. With our virtual meeting video services there are no downloads required for the host or the participants, making virtual meetings and sharing via the internet a simple process.
Hold your next

conference call

using our


together with our meeting software which allows both audio and video communication. Audio communication is done via the internet with no additional fees or long distance charges. With the integrated audio feature you are in complete control. You can allow other participants to talk or mute individual microphones.

Online powerpoint presentation

are simple and easy to present using the user friendly meeting room interface. Uploading .ppt .pptx .pdf .jpg or any other image file is simple and sharing your information online is quick. PresentAll automatically converts your images to slides that are stored in your own account manager and can be accessed on demand. You are able to upload your own presentations fast and easy without contacting your IT department or waiting for extended periods of time. You can present on multiple topics and toggle between slides with the simple click of a button.

Easily create new

meeting rooms

to hold your trainings and other meetings. Meeting rooms are easy to access for the participants and the URL address does not change. Email invitations are easy and can be sent out directly from the room. Meeting rooms are secure and can be protected by passwords or left as an open room to allow anyone to attend. You are able to lock your room so that no other users are able to join if you are meeting about a sensitive subject. The user list also allows you to remove a user if they should not be included in the meeting. Web conferencing is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users making your webinar easy for virtually any participant.

Our browser-based web conferencing company makes it simple to get your message out and meet online. PresentAll is simple to use. Setup is easy and you can hold a group meeting online immediately.

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