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PresentAll - web video conference and webinar service

October 23, 2009

PresentAll brings professionals together through an easy to use and effective web video conferencing service. PresentAll assists in creating cost effective meetings, webinars, seminars and online presentations through a browser based webinar service.

What businesses are using and benefiting from online video conferencing? The question has been asked: what businesses are benefiting from the recent technology improvements in online video conferencing? The answer is quite simple. Almost any business can benefit from using a web video conference service or webinar service.

Meetings are getting more and more expensive to hold. From reimbursing travel expenses, to the lost production of employees during travel time, there are many ways to benefit from online conferencing. Online conferencing can help with training meetings or you can even broadcast your live seminar over the web. Using a webinar service you can also demonstrate products or even sell products right from your computer.

The setup of a meeting can be tailored to your individual needs and you can be online sharing your information in minutes. Ease of use and reliability are important factors when choosing a webinar service.

PresentAll provides a meeting solution that is browser based and does not require downloads. The interface if very easy to use and the reliability is second to none. PresentAll offers an easy to use and effective web video conferencing service.

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PresentAll provides web video conferencing services

October 4, 2009

PresentAll is an online video conferencing program that provides web video conferencing services. You can hold online meetings with anyone, anytime. PresentAll is easy to use and very affordable. Hold your next meeting online and see the difference for yourself.

Web video conferencing is a relatively new tool that allows people and businesses to meet, communicate and teach online. Web video conferencing is can also be referred to as e-learning, webinars, webcasts, live streaming or online meetings.

No matter what you call it you can benefit from the use of technology and the ease of meeting online. Face to face communication is now only a click away. Establishing meetings online has been an important part of many businesses over the past few years. Coaches are reaching more clients, businesses are training faster and more effective and businesses can show clients more than ever before.

PresentAll can help your business take your presentations to the next level. The interactive interface and the online content manager and account manager screens help you hold effective meetings anywhere you have an internet connection.

PresentAll offers a premium product at a very attractive price. You can hold your meetings at a fraction of the cost of travel. PresentAll is web video conferencing at its finest.

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PresentAll Brings The Best of Video Conferencing to One Easy to Use Location

September 28, 2009

PresentAll combines the best features of online video web conferencing at better prices to create a user friendly and affordable product. PresentAll can be used to hold online meetings, webinars, video conferences or e-learning through video conferencing.

You might be aware that there are several video conferencing solutions available today. Which one is the best? Which one is most user friendly? Which one fits your needs best? These are questions many people have asked.

Webex, Mega Meeting, Adobe Connect Pro and a few others have been helping businesses communicate online for quite some time. Some people have questioned which one of these video conferencing solutions best fits the needs of their business.

For cost effectiveness and user friendliness PresentAll is the best for my money. PresentAll combines the features that set competitors apart with the user friendly interface of the PresentAll meeting room.

PresentAll is a new cost effective way to hold meetings and present information over the world wide web. You can present a new sales product or hold an online meeting with unlimited participants.

PresentAll is priced competitively and will allow you to hold your meetings at a fraction of the cost of travel. You can try a free 15 day trial of PresentAll by visiting our website.

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PresentAll Brings Hope During Hard Economic Times

September 25, 2009

During difficult economic times PresentAll can help save money and time. Online video conferencing allows businesses to collaborate and meet online with ease. Saving money has never been more important and PresentAll delivers a money saving product through the internet. Businesses can get more for their money by holding meetings online.

Economic times are hard. Businesses are cutting expenses any way they can. Has your business seen a slowdown? Have you recently been laid off? Businesses are changing in the current economy. Budgets are getting smaller and smaller. What do you do to train your employees when the budget is not there to hold your sales meetings? If economic problems have hit your business where have you turned for help?

Conference Calls have assisted businesses for years. This allows meetings to be held over the phone without traveling long distances. Online conference calls with video capability take these meetings to the next level. There is no better time than now to hold a live online meeting to save time and money. You save time by avoiding the travel of going from one office to another.

Money is saved by avoiding expensive air travel and expensive travel reimbursements. Try a free trial of PresentAll today and see how this technology can help you and your business reach new heights.

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Every day business just got a lot more effective with PresentAll

September 24, 2009

Changing times and changing technology can be an opportunity or a downfall for a business. Though the idea of video web conferencing, online trainings and webinars can be intimidating for some businesses, PresentAll has taken the difficulty out of online training and online meetings.

Business today is fast paced and always on the go. You can almost watch the technology and times change overnight. Many businesses and their client base or market share are also changing at a very rapid pace. How do you stay ahead of the curve? How do you make yourself, your business, and your clients more in tune with one another? How can you and your business become more effective? PresentAll gives businesses the opportunity to be more effective! With online video web conferencing you can see the change in not only your client base but also your own business. Can you imagine getting real time feedback from not only customers but your employees as well.

Businesses are changing and times are changing. With constant growth in education and technology our lives are becoming more fast paced than ever. This is sometimes seen as a disadvantage for some and an advantage for others. Think about what education and technology has introduced in the last 20 years. We now have Computers, Internet, Cell Phones that act as computers and can log in to the internet, and more high tech items than can possibly be listed. PresentAll has seen this change and has made it easy and simple to hold webinars and video web conferences from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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1960-s dream - PresentAll transforms an idea into reality - just click the button

September 23, 2009

Though the idea of video web conferencing, online trainings and webinars has its origins in the world of fantasy, PresentAll has created convenient software with a friendly interface, easy for use for your team to work more productively and profitably.

The youth of today are rarely surprised. They were brought up alongside toys like computers, mobile telephones, web cameras etc. So only those who are 30 plus may feel such a thrill when we can now experience the magical opportunities that were just the bold fantasy of 60-70's science fiction. Those novels were talking about far future times where people would communicate with each other being at different ends of the Earth through unimaginable telecommunication. They would see their friend on the screen and talk - just click a button! It also took our breath away to watch TV reports of space craft flights and observe supervisors instruct spacemen through video conferencing to do incredible technical tricks out in space thousands of miles away!

Tomorrow's dream has become today's reality. What had been mere dream PRESENTALL has now transformed into a convenient video web conferencing service. Is this just for super hero astronauts, do you think? No, this is for you and me - humble workers from different backgrounds, as well as small companies and business conglomerates. You have a great marketing idea and wish to share with your partners - just click the button. You've managed to pick up the most popular business trainer for two hours online training - collect all your colleagues all over the world and just click the button! Any number of participants can use it. This browser based service does not require downloads for the host or the webinar participants - easy!. Live online support is provided and you have the opportunity of a free 15 day trial period. PRESENTALL really cares about you.

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PresentAll brings companies together easier than ever

September 19, 2009

Expanding companies face many expenses and quality control issues. PresentAll can help cut expenses and help your business focus on what is important. Bring your company together using online web conferencing with video conferencing technology.

Expanding companies face a few large dilemmas. First, they have to deal with the increased overhead and increase in the cost of hiring new employees. Second, they have to deal with the expense of training and expense of maintaining a high level of service. Some companies have begun hiring outside sales representatives or outside customer service representatives to cut down on these costs.

This does create the ability to hire more employees, but at the same time can be a customer relation nightmare. Training and quality control just got easier with online video conferencing. The expense of traveling to each area, or bringing people to your office to train, has increased substantially. Webinars and online web conferencing makes it possible to hold meetings as often as you need. You still get your face to face communication and you are able to ensure that your employees know what is expected of them.

PresentAll provides a fast and easy solution to your online video conferencing needs. Web conferencing allows you to train faster and more effectively, manage your employees with more hands on training, and teach correct principles that you want to see in your day to day business. Web conferencing with PresentAll will bring your company together and help you focus on your goal and vision for your company.

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