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Solve customer issues and complaints fast. Improve customer satisfaction with PresentAll.

Provide quick support and increase your ability to resolve customer complaints on the first call. Use PresentAll technology to support customers problems in real time. Skip the frustrating back-and-forth of talking customers through solutions by phone. Save the time and expense of traveling to the customer to provide support. PresentAll will help you increase both customer satisfaction and your own productivity allowing you to help more customers in a shorter period of time.
PresentAll is browser-based and you are able to connect instantly through firewalls. There is no need for customers to install software or get constant updates to use the product. Provide prompt, accurate customer support. It really is that easy.

If supporting customers is just one part of your job, you can conduct simple support sessions with PresentAll. You can also use it for general meetings, sales presentations, and much more. Videoconferencing for meetings and customer support will help you retain relationships with your current clients and establish long lasting business relationships. With the virtual meeting option you are able to communicate face to face with streaming video. With face to face communication your customers will gain trust and loyalty to you and to your staff. With a group meeting online you are able to communicate via video and audio. You can talk to your client using the integrated VoIP technology to have a personal touch. The interactive chat will also assist in communication with clients through the PresentAll program.

Supporting you customer's needs is a very important aspect in any business in the world today. The more efficient and cost effective you can provide this support will ultimately determine your success in the current marketplace. With the fast paced mentality of business today you can be more effective and more efficient with online meetings. The internet is not the wave of the future, it is the current technology that everyone is using. Online business meetings will only get more popular and more in demand. Stay ahead of the competition and retain your customers by providing affordable efficient customer support. Video web conferencing can help you in all your customer support needs.

Tools for providing support

  • Multiple video with up to 16 simultaneous videos
  • Integrated audio using VoIP technology (unlimited)
  • Dedicated URL for your meeting rooms
  • Whiteboard for online collaboration
  • Technical support
  • Branding to reflect your company name
  • Meeting recording and playback
  • Windows, Mac, and linux compatibility
  • Secure meetings
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Easy to use account manager system to create meeting rooms
  • Multiple meeting rooms
  • Multiple presenters
  • Access your pre uploaded content from any computer
  • No limit on users
  • No software to download

PresentAll can assist you in your support needs and we are here to help. Please contact a representative today for more information.

For further questions regarding how PresentAll can help you with your customer support please email us at

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