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Important features PresentAll provides web conferencing customers

April 30, 2010

Online web conferencing has taken a large role in the daily running of business. Telecommuting and video webinars are becoming more and more necessary. PresentAll provides customers with the necessary tools at an affordable price.

Online web conferencing is a growing industry taking businesses by storm. Business owners many times look to the first source that they find for their conferencing needs. There are many beneficial features that online conferencing provides. Finding the correct solution within the budget of the company can be a real challenge at times.

Online video conferencing allows a presenter to broadcast video to participants of a webinar. Features can differ greatly from program to program and it is important to research the many options that are available. Options such as an online content library and permanent meeting rooms are many times are important features. These features provide a fast and easy process to deliver your content online. Online meetings can be a great source of training, selling, or even communicating with board members.

PresentAll is a video web conferencing solution that allows participants a fast and easy meeting solution.

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PresentAll - 3 clicks to success

April 20, 2010

PresentAll provides an online video conferencing and webinar technology that is easy to use and feature rich. Businesses can benefit from PresentAll's 3 clicks to success.

In today's fast pace and difficult economic times webinars have become a new trend to further the productivity and growth for your business. There are many companies that provide this service, but few are as easy as Presentall. PresentAll provides an easy to use service and most functions are 3 simple clicks away.

Companies host their meetings, trainings, and seminars on Presentall because of the quality and the ease of use. There is nothing to download, and it can be accessed from anywhere there is internet. You can be face to face, collaborate, and present any topic. It's as easy as 1 2 3.

Unable to catch your flight? Traffic slowing you down? Money for Seminars tight? Not enough time? Just log on and attend your meeting face to face. Its only 3 clicks away.

So enjoy that long awaited vacation, and still attend that important scheduled meeting face to face. Remember its only 3 clicks away.

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New User Interface for PresentAll unveiled

April 1, 2010

PresentAll has a new user interface that allows you to customize meeting rooms and schedule webinars and video conferences.

Online video conferencing and webinars are used daily in many businesses today. Ease of use and the ability to easily schedule meetings is becoming more and more of a necessity. Online video conferences and webinars allow businesses to maintain contact to virtually anyone at anytime.

Convenience is what this market is all about. It is convenient to meet online instead of driving or flying for hours. It is convenient to hold sales meetings in one location and allow all employees to view the presentation remotely. Convenience is an enormous factor when choosing a webinar or video conferencing service. PresentAll is an online video conferencing service that gives clients the convenience of online video conferencing without the hassle of setting up individual meetings.

The newly enhanced user interface allows you to schedule meetings and post the meeting schedule on your individual website. This allows attendees of your meeting to go to the same location for each meeting and even view the schedule ahead of time. PresentAll is making video conferencing more convenient and easier to use.

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5 Common Uses for Video Conferencing Provided by PresentAll

March 23, 2010

Online Video Conferencing is a technology that has become an important part of business today. PresentAll provides a feature rich easy to use video conferencing software for your business.

Online video conferencing is no longer the wave of the future. Many companies are already taking advantage of the ability to meet, train and collaborate online. 5 common uses for online video conferencing or webinar technology are:

1. Collaborating online on a project when individuals are not in the same geographic location.

2. Remotely training employees or business partners.

3. Conducting educational seminars about your products or services.

4. Holding board meetings.

5. Connecting with remote offices more often and more effectively.

If you have multiple offices, train employees, need to communicate with potential clients, or just need to communicate with more people in a shorter amount of time video web conferencing is a solution for you. Holding online meetings and connecting with others has never been easier. PresentAll is a video web conferencing company that allows participants to meet online using a computer and an internet connection. The system is web-based and you can be online meeting in as little as 10 minutes.

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PresentAll holds informational seminars

March 15, 2010

PresentAll holds informational seminars where guest speakers teach and instruct attendees on many different important topics.

Seminars are an important part of learning in a business environment. There are many different seminars that teach businesses and business owners how to be more productive, profitable, and efficient. Online seminars are now becoming a very important part of business as well. There are online seminars that can teach people virtually anything that they need to know about business.

PresentAll is a video web conferencing software that supports e-learning and enjoys being involved in the education of other businesses. If you are looking for a seminar on a specific topic or would like to hold a seminar to a group of people please contact a PresentAll staff member for more information on how you can attend one of these online meetings or even be a presenter.

PresentAll is completely browser based and there are no downloads making it fast and easy for attendees to log in to the meeting. PresentAll is a feature rich video web conferencing solution that provides a professional meeting room and you are even able to rebrand it for your company.

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