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Make training easy and effective with PresentAll

Deliver dynamic, interactive training to employees, customers, and partners anywhere in the world. It's easy with PresentAll. Share video content or have face to face communication for more effective training sessions. It has been said that we remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and 50% of what we both see and hear. Training employees more effective makes sense. With PresentAll everyone sees and hears the same thing at the same time. You'll reach more learners in less time and they will retain more of what you are teaching. You will also save on travel and costs associated with normal training meetings.
Show presentations, demonstrate applications, or collaborate with clients or associates. Pass control to learners and let them present a topic of their choice. This allows your top employees from different locations to assist in the training of other employees. You can literally clone your best employees by allowing them to help train your new employees.
Encourage interaction with easy to use tools, including interactive annotations and chat. Record sessions for review and even make them available on your website.

Choose PresentAll to train one on one or large groups.

If training is just one part of your job, you can conduct small group training sessions with PresentAll and also use it for general meetings, sales presentations, and more.
You can use the PresentAll software to train today and do a sales call tomorrow. If you're an HR or training professional conducting multiple training sessions for large groups, you'll find the account manager page of PresentAll extremely helpful in setting up your training sessions. Training can be made fun and easy with the multiple video and multiple presenter features. Get training from around the company, country or even around the globe. PresentAll brings worldwide training into your own office using the power of video conferencing and telepresence.

Use PresentAll to help train

There are many free webinars and online training sessions that PresentAll offers. You can attend the sessions free of charge and learn more about PresentAll and receive free training. Guest speakers train on multiple subjects and can assist in many ways. Please check our calendar for upcoming training sessions. To speak with a PresentAll representative about being a guest speaker please contact us.

Tools for training

  • Multiple Video with up to 16 simultaneous videos
  • Integrated audio using VoIP technology (unlimited)
  • Dedicated URL for your meeting rooms
  • Whiteboard for online collaboration
  • Technical support
  • Drawing tools to enhance your training meeting
  • Branding to reflect your company name
  • Meeting recording and playback
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
  • Secure meetings
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Easy to use account manager system to create meeting rooms
  • Multiple meeting rooms
  • Multiple presenters
  • Access your pre uploaded content from any computer
  • No limit on users
  • No software to download

PresentAll can assist you in your training needs and we are here to help. Please contact a representative today for more information.

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